• Population – 1.3 Million:
  • Day Temperature October: 15 to 21 Degrees Celsius
  • Night Temperature October: 10 to 13 Degrees Celsius
  • Airport: Carrasco International
  • Currency: Peso
  • Exchange Rate Avg: 31 Pesos per US Dollar (03/11/16)


Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital and largest city, sits on Montevideo Bay. Its heart is the Plaza Independencia, once home to a Spanish citadel. The plaza separates the city’s downtown from its Ciudad Vieja (old town), with art deco buildings, colonial homes and landmarks including the towering Palacio Salvo and the neoclassical Solís Theatre. The Mercado del Puerto is a former stall market now filled with steakhouses

You can use a Remise a bit like a taxi but more professional and you can ask the company to send you a driver in your language, for example: you can rent it for an hour and the cost is approximately U$S16. Here is the website Taxis are plentiful but not too cheap (gasoline is expensive in Uruguay). It helps to know a little Spanish. A ten-minute cab ride costs about UYU100. Taxis are metered and upon the end of your ride you are shown a chart depicting distance and cost (though on some vehicles this chart will be on the window between you and the driver). Generally there are two fare schedules. The first is for Monday-Saturday from morning to mid-evening. The second fee schedule is for Sundays and late at night, and is slightly more expensive. Tipping is not expected, but you might round up to an even number to be polite. It is also not uncommon to sit on the front. Car rental is cheaper if booked ahead but be aware that places like the airport and the ferry terminal charge higher rates than the same agencies in other locations around the city. A few phone calls and a cheap taxi ride to a location other than the air or sea ports will save you half the rate for the same car at the same company. Driving in Montevideo is not too difficult, especially for those visitors from Europe or developing countries that lack strict lane enforcement and have lots of roundabouts. (Visitors from countries with few roundabouts and strict lane enforcement, like the United States, will find it baffling at first.) Road traffic in Montevideo is amazingly light outside of rush hour, and even during rush hour is relatively good compared to, say, North American cities of similar size.

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