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Posted By : WTA | Date : 26-02-2016

It has finally been confirmed to Spain as the Invited Country in the 7th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art of the WTA. The headquarters will be the Cultural Center of Spain-cce in Montevideo. Rumors also indicate that Spain is taking steps to host the 8th Biennial, and being confirmed as a guest country could be an excellent sign. It would be a prize for the great work that has been carried out by WTA-Europe. María Ortega’s contribution to the WTA is invaluable, and much of WTA’s growth is linked to the excellent work done from the Iberian country. “Spain has been working very hard for a long time to bring the event to Europe for the first time and I am sure they are very close to achieving it, but every proposal and venue is carefully evaluated.” These were the words of Pilar Tobon in this regard.

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